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425 Park Avenue


425 Park Avenue overview

425 Park Avenue is the first full-block office development on Manhattan’s Park Avenue in nearly 50 years.

Located in the heart of the Plaza District, the epicenter of Manhattan’s office market, this trophy asset, developed by L&L and designed by Lord Norman Foster, will bring features wholly unique to Manhattan office space, and will define the 21st Century Office Building. With approximately 670,000 rentable square feet, finished ceiling heights of 9.5’, 14.5’ and 41’ featuring floor to ceiling glass, a club floor with collaborative space, gardens and views of the Park, 425 Park Avenue will be a bespoke office building that will serve as the standard bearer for the workplace of the future.

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For leasing information, please contact:

David C. Berkey

(212) 920-3388

Andrew Wiener

(646) 341-9838